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Dyeing and Painting Carpet using WashFast Acid Dyes

Please read directions carefully before starting.

For dyeing and painting nylon or wool carpets. It is important to sample before working on large projects. For additional information visit our web site at www.prochemical.com.

WashFast Acid Dye
Fix OR

Procedure: to make 1 Quart (1 liter) of Dye Solution

1. Steam clean rug before attempting to dye to make sure fiber is free of dirt and is ready to accept the color.

2. Dissolve the desired amount of dye from the chart below in cup (120 ml) very hot water, then add boiling water to make 2 cups (500 ml).

Pale Medium Dark
Dye Powder 1 tsp

(2.5 gm)

4 tsp

(10 gm)

10 tsp

(25 gm)

3. Add 1 cups (438 ml) of cool water to bring the temperature down to 120o to 140oF (49o to 60oC). Add 2 oz ( cup) (60 ml) of Fix OR.

4. Apply dye solution by keeping the container in a water bath heated to 130o to140o F (55o to 60oC). Wear rubber gloves while applying the dye solution. After painting, allow the area to dry for 24 hours in an area that is heated above 70o F (21oC).

5. Set dye by steaming with a commercial carpet steamer for large areas, or a steam iron for small areas. Steaming times of 5 to 8 minutes are usually sufficient

NOTE: Should washing of the dyed carpet be required, use a solution of water containing 1-2 tablespoons of Snowy Bleach per gallon. Best wash temperature is between 80o and 100oF (27oto 38oC).


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